Make Your Soul Grow

As human beings, we have souls, so we need to water them to make them bloom. The same applies to all things valuable in our lives.

Our spirit needs attention like never before. We crawl towards materialism, which leads to the soul’s destruction.

We all yearn for something, but our souls do too. It’s all good until we break the boundaries with exaggeration. Then, our souls start to suffer, and with it, our existence.

It’s essential to lead a spiritual life to survive and thrive. For example, meditations are the perfect water for the soul. It’s the spirit that will remain after our mission on Earth.

Our soul vibrations and radiations are eternal and transferable. Material things won’t be our companionship forever because they have no value. The spirit does.

It’s never too late to nourish your soul. So, water your soul!

Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life. ~Buddha

Featured image: Doreen’s Soul Energy Portrait, Dominique Hurley

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