The True Meaning of Love

Love is such a simple word with such a powerful meaning.

Without love, the entire universe would be one black hole. Earth would not exist, so there would be no living beings.

Love is an energy that pushes us forward, motivates us, and makes us stronger. Its power expands little continuously, especially when it’s shared.

There are various types of love. The most famous one that started breaking the boundaries long ago is romantic love, observed and celebrated by well-known authors like William Shakespeare, Alessandro Manzoni, etc. Their novels showed us that true love is worth fighting for.

What makes it so eternal and unique? The answer lies in the foundation of communication, mutual understanding, trust, honesty, loyalty, and respect.

True love can lose its charm if just one of these segments is missing, and that’s how powerful its energy truly is.

Featured image: Background Noise, Kyara Arts

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