Giordano Bruno of Today

It’s been a while since I posted my last article, and a lot has happened. The world has become an actual roller coaster. One of the striking revelations to me was that even though we’re in the 21 century, being devoted to the truth and thus courageously exposing it is still a behavior subjected to cancellation.

The harassment of the truth and fighting for the same reminds me of who, other than a man who courageously stood up for what’s right, justifiable, honorable, divine, and enlightening, a protector of the truth, one and only Giordano Bruno.

Giordano Bruno, born Filippo Bruno, was a man of great honor and pride regarding his ideas and beliefs. He didn’t give up on them while cruelly tortured by the Roman Inquisition. When one person asked me who is the Giordano Bruno of today, I now have an answer: all people who stand by the divine truth and are ready to protect it no matter what.

In today’s society, propaganda is almost everywhere. We’re unaware of it most of the time until it strikes like a rumble of thunder. One good example is the Covid-19 misinformation. It’s so easy to make false statements without doing the proper research and analysis, which usually, in these cases, take time to develop and comprehend.

Like Bruno, we should always strive and stand firmly for what’s righteous. His sacrifice deserves to be justified. It depends solely on us as individuals on which path we will take and who will join us. Creating trust is what will lead us to mutual success.

Featured image: New Acropolis Library

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