The Sanctuary

This Sunday, I had a chance to visit The New York Chinese Scholar’s Garden (NYCSG). It was built by 40 Chinese artisans in Suzhou City, and then shipped to the United States and is one of two authentic classical outdoor Chinese gardens in the country. After I opened the wooden doors, what I saw and felt was pure magic.

There was a cute little bridge on my right side that looks like one of those bridges which you can see only in fairy tales. As I continued walking, I went through a couple of passages with fascinating entrance shapes. Each passage is unique on its own, and at the same time, it seems like they are all connected, including windows with breathtaking views. During my observation, I noticed a lot of interesting plants as well.

This beautiful place is home to many animals such as fish with the majestic orange color, turtles, various birds, and bees too. It is peaceful and charming that it feels like it was also a home for Buddhist monks who used to practice meditations. It’s sad knowing that this stunning and quite sanctuary with the bamboo forest is not appreciated enough as for example Central Park. It’s small, but full of beauty wherever you look.

At this point of thought, I reminded myself how easily we can forget what truly makes us who we are. It is outstanding how far we can go neglecting our Nature even though we can’t exist without it. It helps us grow and more than that, and it doesn’t need much in return — only our generosity and caring.

The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.

— Abraham Lincoln

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