Dehydrated grey cells

Imagine people as actors in the theater.

We are watching and listening to performances every day. Characters are changing one after another. And some of them are more interesting, and some are less. Social diversity. Isn’t it attractive? It has to be when it represents the right of choice. So I choose those interesting ones who have plenty to offer from their grey cells. To be precise, those who make this world worthy of mention because we often hear the same thing: “What has this world turned into?!” as if those less interesting hadn’t existed before. Those whose grey cells were fixating. Those who make this world disastrous.

We have explained the differences. However, less interesting ones become more interesting. Why is that so? Someone will ask. The reason lies just in their locked grey cells. Here are some new questions: Who are they and for what exactly are they using their grey cells?

I can offer some of the answers:

1. Genetics
2. Upbringing
3. The limitation of the mind (belongs to one part of upbringing)
4. Growing up in wrong convictions (also belongs to one part of upbringing)
5. Undefined “I”
6. Undefined “being”

From numbers 3 and 4, derive many stereotypes, prejudices, and condemnations that lead to the degradation of the society to which we belong, of which we are part. Dehydrated grey cells can do various types of wrongdoings, even those which at first don’t seem dangerous, but they are, but as long as they exist, human psychology gains more and more value. It’s becoming interesting more and more. Discoveries never end. The ancient Romans said: “Perpetuum mobile.” – “Perpetual motion.”

Featured image: U.S. News & World Report

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