Hello World!

Hello World!

There is a man who touched my heart, and since then, our souls have been acting like one. He encouraged me to start creating the galaxy because each of us has its own special one, so why not let it shine?

The primary goal of The Dragon Galaxy blog is to share philosophical knowledge which should help enlighten your path through the galaxy, including some poetry and other interesting topics. Moreover, it consists of not only one language but three different languages, English, Croatian and Italian.

So, pick the one you like, and let’s have some fun together!

P.S. If you started wondering about the beautiful dragon logo, it is one of my favorite illustrations by Australian art director and illustrator Justin Maller. You can check his official site by clicking on the link below. It is plenty of fantastic illustrations that will blow your mind.

Justin Maller

Featured image: A Spitzer Space Telescope image of Messier 81, a grand design spiral

Dragon Lady

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