The True Meaning of Love

Love, such a simple word with a powerful meaning.

Let’s start from the beginning… If it wasn’t love, there would not be the universe and everything that contains it. There would not be our mother Earth, and so there would not be any living beings.

Love, first of all, is an energy, pure energy which pushes us forward, which motivates us and which makes us stronger. The power which expands little by little every day.

There are lots of kind of love. The one which started breaking the boundaries a long time ago and which is almost all the time one of the first topics is the one between two passionate lovers. In-depth love stories celebrated by well-known authors like Shakespeare, Manzoni, etc.

In some way, they showed that pure love of that kind is worth fighting for.

And now, I came to the stage of bringing five essential segments which explains “The True Meaning of Love”. I even made an abbreviation called “EUHTR,” i.e., Effort, Understanding, Honesty, Trust, Respect.

All five segments need to be deserved, and if only one misses, any relationship loses its way.

In the next article, I’ll discuss each segment, so don’t miss it, instead join me!

A dopo…

Featured image:Background Noise – 16×20 Stretched Canvas Acrylic Painting – Red, Moon

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