The Relatives

The system, the complexity, the structure, the division, the perfection.

Each cell, each particle, stays firm, knows its function as a living thing. Such a complexity ruled by one force so strong that it can make us feel dizzy for a moment when we just think about it.

I… a universe of atoms, an atom in the universe.

Richard Feynman

Cosmology and technology are connected without a doubt but speaking of force there is a difference. The cosmology is ruled by natural law and the technology by human law. It is the proof how powerful we are and that we as well are complex as the Universe is.

For now, let’s just be grateful for being a part of it!

Understanding the Beautiful Complexity of Our Universe

Computers and technology in our lives

The Human Body: the ultimate frontier of complexity

The link above should help you even more to realize the importance of today’s topics. So, get comfy and enjoy the ride!

Featured image: Business Insider

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